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Dave Brest
03-29-2013 5:27:02 PM CST
My wife and I have a baby on the way and the baby's room had no electric power for lighting. We had MCL come out to install some ceiling outlets in a couple of the rooms. I was surprised that I called and they showed up a day later to perform the work. I think hiring a trusted contractor to come into your house and performing this kind of work is something you never really research and we always wondering what to expect. I was working from the home when they performed the work and I was extremely impressed with the install, the thoroughness and the short amount of time that it took the to complete the job, The five star rating from a clean freak like myself is when the y took the extra step of placing work cloths under all of their jobs and cleaned up when they left. IF you want a trusted contractor that takes pride in their work then this is the company for your next Project!

Our Lady of Good Counsel
04-27-2012 1:52:08 PM CST
Vern - Thank you very much for all of the work you have been doing on behalf of Lady Of Good Counsel. Thank you for the fair pricing, the quality of workmanship and for being available when needed. We appreciate all that you have been doing for us. May God continue to bless you, your business and your family. Rev. David Engbarth